Westview PTO Minutes – September 2, 2009



I. Meeting Called to Order @ 6:08.

  • Officers Present
    • Diane Harvey Anderson, Mary Hale, Arlie Pfeifer, Lisa Rankine
    • Catherine Cook (website coordinator), Pam Boerst (T-shirt coordinator)
  • Administrators present
    • Ron Gonzales, Principle
    • Rosa Munoz and Jamie Ochoa, teacher representatives

II. Officer’s Reports

  • Secretary’s Minutes read by Arlie Pfeifer
    • Correction made regarding Carolyn Drews as Treasurer instead of Co-President. She has since resigned. Hua Gray is interim Treasurer
    • Minutes amended and approved
  • Treasurer’s Report by Mary Hale
    • PTO Fund balance = $1659.90
      • $659.90 spendable (must have $1000 in account at all times)
    • T-shirts sold at Ice Cream Social
      • We have 27 T-shirts and 35 Hoodies left with previous years’ designs
    • Cash donations are an option unless prohibited by the PTO Bylaws, per Mr. Gonzales
    • Budget Proposal reviewed and approved
    • Fundraising opportunities –three school dances concessions, Theater Arts Play concessions, school store, football game sales, Box tops, etc.
  • Administrator Report by Ron Gonzales
    • 852 students enrolled, expect an increase after Labor Day Holiday. Capacity ~890.
    • “Capturing Kids Hearts” new program for teachers
      • Ms Munoz and Ms Ochoa spoke. Awed by the effectiveness of the new approach.
        • It’s about building relationships, supporting children inside and outside the classroom
        • It will transform the culture of the school
        • Teachers engage with each child, have social contracts, It’s about empowering, respecting and caring
        • Kids are excited and have positive attitudes
    • Twenty-First Century Intervention grant received
      • Grant effective 9-8-09
      • It is for students who meet one or more of thirteen criteria for being at risk of failure
      • Program has an enrichment component, too
      • Sixty kids have already been identified at WMS
      • Tony Minter is Site Coordinator
    • All Day Leadership retreat for each grade to be held on three separate days in September
      • 8th grade – Thurs., September 10th
      • 7th grade – Fri., September 11th
      • 6th grade – Fri., September 25th
    • Thanks to the PTO for supplying pizza for the 6th graders Transition Camp in August. 206 students participated
    • Mr. Gonzales expressed he is always available as a support and a resource. He is also open to ideas and suggestions

III. Upcoming Events

  • Open House, September 10, 6 PM. PTO will have a display with PTO volunteer sign up forms
  • Back to School Dance is Sept 25, 4-6 PM
    • PTO to provide concessions of snacks, glow sticks and other items
    • Parent donations for sodas and water to be requested
  • Two more dances
    • Feb 5, 2010
    • May 14, 2010
  • Football games begin September 15th
    • Esme Tapia to coordinate football game sales
    • Orders to be placed for megaphones and pom poms to sell in addition to T-shirts

IV. Other Business

  • T-shirt Design presented by Pam Boerst
    • RockSports, vendor
    • Decision approved to have short sleeved, purple T-shirts with WMS Wildcat design on front
    • Unknown amount of time needed to order but will attempt to have some by football season
    • Other suggestions:
      • Paw print small decal design for long sleeve gray T-shirt for winter sales
      • Consider Design contest in the Spring for next year’s design
      • Have twice a year T-shirt sales
  • School Store to continue on Fridays 10:30-12N and 12N-1:30
    • Need 2-3 volunteers to operate store
    • Speak with Diane Harvey Anderson to volunteer
  • Box Tops (Mary Hale)
    • Target matched our contribution last year so doubled the amount earned
    • Box top collection to be ongoing throughout the year
    • HEB has a special this month for extra box tops
      • Purchase 10 items with box tops (General Mills products) in September HEB will give 70 bonus box tops
    • Students may turn in the box tops at the school store for prizes
    • or Students may turn in to 1st period teacher if they do not care about a prize
  • Student/teacher incentives
    • Gift certificates for teachers
    • Student incentives
      • Mr. Brendan Hale wants to select 2 students/week for each week of school
      • Free buffet cards, zipper pulls/charms for backpacks, other give away items

IV. Additional Business

  • PTO Website – Catherine Cook designed
    • Site address wmspto.wordpress.com
    • Other site possibilities to be researched
    • Ideas for website
      • Functional
      • Multipage with links
      • List Volunteer opportunities
      • T-shirt order form
      • PTO calendar of events
      • PTO meeting minutes
      • Blog

VI. Agenda Items for next meeting

  • How to increase PTO membership and parent involvement
  • Discuss other items for fundraising, e.g. car decals

VII. Next Meeting

  • Oct 7, 2009 @ 6:30 PM, WMS Library

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

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