Westview PTO Minutes – Oct 7, 2009

I. Welcome and Introductions:
PTO President – Diane Harvey

II. Officers Report
Treasurer – Report was reviewed

III. Principal’s Report

  • First grading period completed – report cards due tomorrow
  • Students signed off that they received report card
  • First school dance was successful – highest attendance in a while- kids enjoyed it
  • PRIDE Time
    • Every Friday – There will be dedicated time for students doing all the right things and for those who need academic support
    • 45 minutes for students needing extra help from teachers with Science or Language Arts or SS
    • Those who don’t need intervention can enjoy time for enrichment clubs
    • 70 students will also be chosen who are “Taking Care of Business” and get to have time in the cafeteria for games, reading homework or socializing
    • School wide implementation by November 26th
    • Every middle school across the district is doing a similar program
  • Curriculum Based Assessments – will soon be started

IV. New Business

  • New Tee Shirts – Forms will be going out on Friday with October 16th deadline
  • New spirit Items – Selling pompoms and megaphones at football games
  • Dances/Concessions – Lots of new items and food choices for sale at the dance and a good profit made
  • Box Tops – HEB Coupons special to get additional box tops – hope to make 200+
  • Website – Business listed that will give percentage back to Westview, Teachers wish list will be added
  • School Store – will continue to do PTO school store on Fridays
  • Student/Teacher Incentives – Mary Hale has solicited donations and working with Mr. Hale on additional needs

V. Additional Business

  • Book Fair – Family Night on December 10th – Suggestions – Spegetti dinner, Rally showcasing, band, choir, cheerleaders or any other groups
  • Teachers Incentives – Mr. Gonzales can no longer use school funds – PTO will set up breakfasts etc after each grading period for 100 staff and teachers.
  • Honor Society Induction – PTO will provide cake and punch

VI. Next Meeting
November 4th

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Westview T-shirt

New t-shirt designs are ready – look for a new t-shirt order form, with 2 designs. The short sleeve t-shirt will be purple with a wildcat design, and the long sleeve t-shirt is gray with a pocket sized paw print design in purple.
We do still have a limited supply of the old designs for $5.00/t-shirts and $15.00/hoodies – contact Pam Boerst, t-shirt coordinator, for details.




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