Westview PTO Minutes, September 1 2010

I. Welcome @6:30 PM 
Attendance of PTO Board and Members:

  • Lisa Rankine,
  • Mary Hale,
  • Diane Harvey,
  • Catherine Cook,
  • other parents

 Administrator and teachers present : 

  • Ms. Martha Forney Westview Principal,
  • Heather Christie – 6th grade Assistant Principal,
  • Toni Festi – 8th grade Assistant Principal,
  • Vivian Morgan – 8th grade ELA Teacher

 II.Principal’s Report – Martha Forney

  •  952 students enrolled in Westview.
  • New staff members, Mrs Brinson retired so a new 7th grade level principal will be hired soon.
  • New grading policy : assessment 80 % of grade, practice 20% grade. If failure student can take the test again.
    • Assessment = student knowledge for instance tests, quizzes
    • Practice = homework for instance 
    • All middle schools in PISD had implemented this new policy last year except Westview. By 2010 it has to be implemented, district wide.
  • Traditional schedule is implemented in school , all periods have the same time, there are no extended periods.
  • There are 3 lunches and 325 kids at each lunch. 
  • School starts at 8:10 am and finishes at 3:35pm
  • The building opens at 7:30 A.M and students must enter the building and go to the cafeteria until bell rings, so there is less congestion this year.
  • There is though still some congestion between 7th grade period lunch and 8th grade period lunch.
  • New goals for the school: create team of teachers and attend athletic events together to get a closer community. We should be concerned about everything and not only the academic school.
  • Parents who want to attend to the CAAC (Campus Academic Advisory Committee) meetings should send their email address to Mrs Forney. CAAC meetings are there to discuss everything about school: staff , budget, campus improvements. Parents, teachers, community representatives and counselors can be present at those meetings. Dates of meetings to be announced. 

III. PTO report – Lisa Rankine

Lisa explained the role of PTO and actions done in the past. How we support students (student incentives for instance) , and teachers (thank you breakfast or lunches every 6 weeks, staff appreciation week). PTO make a profit on dance parties: we have concession stands and we sell spirit items, food, drinks, T-shirts. Contact the PTO Board if you want to volunteer. Do not forget to sign in PISD website to be a volunteer parent.

New T-shirts have been ordered and will be sold for the first time on September 2, 2010 at open house. PTO last year suffered from getting those T-shirts too late in the year to make a good profit. This year Lisa and Mary ordered them during summer. All T-shirts will be sold for $10. They can be sold at any event or ordered. Forms on this website need to be sent to Mary or Lisa. There are no hoodies yet, we may take orders for the hoodies later. 

PTO also sell spirit items such as pompom and megaphones, but these were not a great success last year. We may try to sell purple scarves this year. 

IV.PTO treasure report – Mary Hale 

See budget link 

VI.Dances/Concessions- Lisa Rankine- Martha Forney 

New dance parties were scheduled during this meeting 

  • BACK to SCHOOL Dance: September 24, 2010 from 4pm to 6pm so that children can stay after school 
  • Valentine Dance: February 11, 2011 

VII.Box Tops report – Mary Hale 

  • We made $325 last year with the box tops coupons. 
  • If you go to HEB from today to oct 5 , you can buy 5 participating Box Tops products and get 20 Bonus Box Tops ($2 value) or buy 10 participating Box Tops products and get 70 Bonus Box Tops ($7 value) + 5 dollars to spend for the school. This is a great deal and we made most of the money from this offer last year. Spread the word ! Return the Box tops coupons either to the school store or to the 1st period teacher or put them in the Box Top box in the library.

VIII.School Store – Diane Harvey Anderson

During lunch time we sell funny school supplies, cell phone charms and sometimes T-Shirts but normally stuff for little money. It does not create a big profit but children love it and it is fun to do and a great opportunity to know the children. Please sign up ( contact Diane Harvey Anderson ) even if it is for one time only. We need at least 3 parents, one for each lunch time. 

IX.Web Site – Catherine Cook 

Catherine is the webmaster of the PTO website and she did a presentation of the website and explained the contents: 

  • Last and past events 
  • Minutes of PTO meetings 
  • Budget reports 
  • Contacts 
  • How to subscribe to Yahoo list or how to subscribe to the PTO Westview google calendar. 

X.Other Business 

  • Student incentives: Gattyland buffet : students love those. 
  • Tickets for dance sold by PTO on the day of the dance during lunch. 
  • There is a “Men in Education” association on the PISD web site. Meetings are from 7 – 8:30 p.m. and are generally on the first Wednesday of the month.This is great for men to be involved in education.See link: http://www.pflugervilleisd.net/MEN/index.cfm
  • Next meeting : October 6th, 2010
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