Westview PTO minutes, October 6 2010

I. Welcome PTO meeting : 10/6/2010 @6:30 PM
Attendance of PTO Board and Members:

  • Lisa Rankine,President
  • Mary Hale, Treasurer
  • Diane Harvey,School Store Coordinator
  • Catherine Cook,Webmaster, Secretary
  • Sylva Ibanez, Secreatry

Administrator and teachers present :

  • Ms. Martha Forney Westview Principal,

II. PTO treasure report – Mary Hale

See budget link

  • Dance and cheerleaders, requested assistance by teacher sponsor
  • Offered advice to Mr. Calderon; may need volunteers

Questions on budget:

  • Dance
    • DJ: have we asked before for a volunteer parent DJ, as this was done in the past at Parmer lane Elementary School ?
    • We got a lot of postive feedbacks for the dance and the DJ we had.
    • Mary mentionned that  we made $200 in sales at dance which  is more than ever before.
    • $300/hour for the DJ or $600/night. Questions were asked about getting discount, possibly make advertisment flyers ?

Motion to accept budget passed.

III. Principal’s Report – Martha Forney

  • Westview completely staffed now, including 7th grade principal
  • There are 2 members on long-term leave.
  • Students enrollment : 968 students total
    • 312 students in 6th grade
    • 316 students in 7th grade
    • 340 students in 8th grade
  • Student holiday: Oct 11
  • Early release: Nov 3
  • Test for 8th grader on Nov 3 : Ready Step Test
  • Programs at school
    • Capturing kids’ hearts: share the kids among teachers for their learning
    • Teaching with poverty in mind
      • Ex: how to distinguish anger and disappointment ?
      • Ex: improve IQ with activities
  • Next CAAC meeting : 12/6 with discussions center around topics such as staffing, budget, school initiatives, data, planning, and so forth.

IV. Box Tops report – Mary Hale

  • This year, we made over $100 thanks to the HEB bonus box tops. Last year half of the money came from the HEB bonus offer as well.
  • Our first dead line is October 22. Please give your box tops coupons to the 1st period teacher or put them in the Box Top box in the library.

V. School Store – Diane Harvey Anderson

  • We need volunteer during lunch time. 
  • We sell funny school supplies from 50 cents to $2.
  • We also have 25 cents gift cards.
  • Please consult our catalog online.


  • We are doing well. .
  • We placed orders for hoodies and 144 batch almost all sold.
  • Thanks for front office helping selling T-shirts.
  • Hoodies should be there for football games.

VII.Web Site – Catherine Cook
Website updated with:

  • Catalog School Store.
  • T-shirt Order Forms
  • Minutes and Treasury Reports
  • Corrections to some email addresses

VIII.Other businesses

  • Nov 11 : National Junior Honor Society reception: 7pm at the cafeteria.
    • National Junior Honor Society color theme: blue and white.
    • Ms. Michalka asked for just cookies and punch but the PTO would like to provide the chocolate fountain including fruits, cookies and marshmallows.
  • From Nov 1st to Nov 5th : Book Fair
    • Family event to celebrate the book fair: Nov 3 @ library from 5:30 to 7pm : the Westview’s “Chef’s best” competition. Same as we did last year. See flyer.
    • Donations: chef’s hats
  • Food drive: Nov 1st – Nov 5th. Sponsor: Mrs Morgan
    • Need incentives for winning classroom: class of 30: fudge sundae, Chick-Fil-A, Culvers tickets ? need ideas…
  • Next meeting : November 3rd, 2010 @6:30pm @ WMS library during Chef’s best competition
  • Meeting ajourned @ 7:28pm
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Westview PTO Minutes, September 1 2010

I. Welcome @6:30 PM 
Attendance of PTO Board and Members:

  • Lisa Rankine,
  • Mary Hale,
  • Diane Harvey,
  • Catherine Cook,
  • other parents

 Administrator and teachers present : 

  • Ms. Martha Forney Westview Principal,
  • Heather Christie – 6th grade Assistant Principal,
  • Toni Festi – 8th grade Assistant Principal,
  • Vivian Morgan – 8th grade ELA Teacher

 II.Principal’s Report – Martha Forney

  •  952 students enrolled in Westview.
  • New staff members, Mrs Brinson retired so a new 7th grade level principal will be hired soon.
  • New grading policy : assessment 80 % of grade, practice 20% grade. If failure student can take the test again.
    • Assessment = student knowledge for instance tests, quizzes
    • Practice = homework for instance 
    • All middle schools in PISD had implemented this new policy last year except Westview. By 2010 it has to be implemented, district wide.
  • Traditional schedule is implemented in school , all periods have the same time, there are no extended periods.
  • There are 3 lunches and 325 kids at each lunch. 
  • School starts at 8:10 am and finishes at 3:35pm
  • The building opens at 7:30 A.M and students must enter the building and go to the cafeteria until bell rings, so there is less congestion this year.
  • There is though still some congestion between 7th grade period lunch and 8th grade period lunch.
  • New goals for the school: create team of teachers and attend athletic events together to get a closer community. We should be concerned about everything and not only the academic school.
  • Parents who want to attend to the CAAC (Campus Academic Advisory Committee) meetings should send their email address to Mrs Forney. CAAC meetings are there to discuss everything about school: staff , budget, campus improvements. Parents, teachers, community representatives and counselors can be present at those meetings. Dates of meetings to be announced. 

III. PTO report – Lisa Rankine

Lisa explained the role of PTO and actions done in the past. How we support students (student incentives for instance) , and teachers (thank you breakfast or lunches every 6 weeks, staff appreciation week). PTO make a profit on dance parties: we have concession stands and we sell spirit items, food, drinks, T-shirts. Contact the PTO Board if you want to volunteer. Do not forget to sign in PISD website to be a volunteer parent.

New T-shirts have been ordered and will be sold for the first time on September 2, 2010 at open house. PTO last year suffered from getting those T-shirts too late in the year to make a good profit. This year Lisa and Mary ordered them during summer. All T-shirts will be sold for $10. They can be sold at any event or ordered. Forms on this website need to be sent to Mary or Lisa. There are no hoodies yet, we may take orders for the hoodies later. 

PTO also sell spirit items such as pompom and megaphones, but these were not a great success last year. We may try to sell purple scarves this year. 

IV.PTO treasure report – Mary Hale 

See budget link 

VI.Dances/Concessions- Lisa Rankine- Martha Forney 

New dance parties were scheduled during this meeting 

  • BACK to SCHOOL Dance: September 24, 2010 from 4pm to 6pm so that children can stay after school 
  • Valentine Dance: February 11, 2011 

VII.Box Tops report – Mary Hale 

  • We made $325 last year with the box tops coupons. 
  • If you go to HEB from today to oct 5 , you can buy 5 participating Box Tops products and get 20 Bonus Box Tops ($2 value) or buy 10 participating Box Tops products and get 70 Bonus Box Tops ($7 value) + 5 dollars to spend for the school. This is a great deal and we made most of the money from this offer last year. Spread the word ! Return the Box tops coupons either to the school store or to the 1st period teacher or put them in the Box Top box in the library.

VIII.School Store – Diane Harvey Anderson

During lunch time we sell funny school supplies, cell phone charms and sometimes T-Shirts but normally stuff for little money. It does not create a big profit but children love it and it is fun to do and a great opportunity to know the children. Please sign up ( contact Diane Harvey Anderson ) even if it is for one time only. We need at least 3 parents, one for each lunch time. 

IX.Web Site – Catherine Cook 

Catherine is the webmaster of the PTO website and she did a presentation of the website and explained the contents: 

  • Last and past events 
  • Minutes of PTO meetings 
  • Budget reports 
  • Contacts 
  • How to subscribe to Yahoo list or how to subscribe to the PTO Westview google calendar. 

X.Other Business 

  • Student incentives: Gattyland buffet : students love those. 
  • Tickets for dance sold by PTO on the day of the dance during lunch. 
  • There is a “Men in Education” association on the PISD web site. Meetings are from 7 – 8:30 p.m. and are generally on the first Wednesday of the month.This is great for men to be involved in education.See link: http://www.pflugervilleisd.net/MEN/index.cfm
  • Next meeting : October 6th, 2010
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Westview PTO Minutes – May 12, 2010

I. Welcome @ 6:42 PM 

  • Attendance of PTO Board and Members -Diane Harvey Anderson, Hua Gray, Lisa Rankine, Catherine Cook, Arlie Pfeifer, Rosa Munoz, Jesus Ibanez, and other parents
  • Administrator Present – Ron Gonzales

II.Officers’ Reports

  • Secretary’s Report- Arlie Pfeifer

    • Minutes read and approved

  • Treasurer’s Report – Hua Gray

    • Box Tops  $325
    • Total Concession Sales $1376.75
    • Total Income $3017.49
    • Total Expense $2736.40
    • Net Income $281.09

  • Principal

    • Progress reports go home this week
    • Kick Start  students traveling to Dallas this week
    • End of the year of assessments next week
    • CBAs coming up
    • May 24 8th grade to NW Park
    • 8th graders to CHS for orientation in divided groups (see Wildcat Herald for details)
    • May 31 School Holiday
    • Last school day is Jun 3
    • Spring Fling Jun 1 (Like WestFest) (cancelled 5-18-10)
    • Jun 2 evening Award Night 7 PM

III.New business 

  • Dance planning: 5/14 – 6th & 7th grade, 8th grade


    •  Decorations and Posters
    •  Email to the List Serv
    • Food – pizza and soda
    • Cake/punch for 8th graders
    •  More decorated for the 8th grader
    •  Bring digital cameras for pictures


  • Spring Fling plans – booth  – Note on 5-18-10  This event has been cancelled.
    •  To be held outside
    •  ?want an inflatable
    • Toilet toss
    • Rock Climbing wall treadmill
    • PTO can spend $300 or less

      • Diane nominated
      • Arlie second motion
      • All approved


  • Teacher appreciation schedule:

    • Last week of school

      • Award Ceremony (June 2nd)
      • Last day of school June 3rd , early release
      • June 4 Teacher’s Last Work Day

        • Donate Light Breakfast snacks

  • Officers/positions for the 2010/2011 school year

    • Lisa Rankine for President
    • Catherine Cook – Webmaster
    • Nominated Mary Hale for Treasurer
    • Nominations for Secretary Jesus Ibanez, potentially interested
    •  Box Tops Coordinator – Jesus Ibanez
    •  T-shirt Coordinator –
    •  School Store Coordinator –
    •  Spirit Items Coordinator–

      • Suggestion of Big Ribbons (customizable for each game)
      • Selling opportunities next fall, Schedule pick up day, 6th grade orientation, Back to School night,
      • Check with Cheerleaders for opportunities to sell or other organizations, students to help, WEB leaders, World Changers, What can be offered as monetary incentives?  Ms. Castillo will help coordinate
      • Ms Pena and Ms Adediji interested in PTO participation. 

        • Wearing Blue Jeans could be a possible incentive

  • Speakers for job week – Ms. Munoz

    • Invitations sent for parents to talk about their careers
    • May 25-28 are the days scheduled and math/science/engineering background for Ms Hitt on Jun 2nd
    • Can be for an hour or for all day, whatever the parent can offer


  • Distribution of money ideas –

    • Get more information regarding ideas
    • Table for next fall


IV. Additional business 

  • Wildcat Herald has incorrect PTO web address

    • wmspto.wordpress.com
    • Money forms edited and presented

      • To be reviewed and approved next fall meeting



V. Next meeting date:  summer date to be determined 

VI. Adjourned at 7:50 PM

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Westview PTO minutes – March 14, 2010

Welcome @ 6:35 AM

  • Attendance of PTO Board and Members -Diane Harvey Anderson, Lisa Rankine, Arlie Pfeifer, Catherine Cook, Mary Hale, Jesus Ibanez
  • Teachers Present – Jennifer Pena (GAME teacher) and Rosa Munoz
  • Administrator Present – Ronald Gonzales
  • Guest Present – Chester Hoster, PISD Board member candidate

II. Officers’ Reports

  • Secretary Report – Arlie Pfeifer, Minutes read and approved after correction by Rosa Munoz that she is a teacher not an administrator
  • Treasurer Report – Diane Harvey Anderson on behalf of Hua Gray
    • Balance is $1880.13
    • Money forms presented and discussed
  • Principal’s Report – Ron Gonzales
    • CAAC Meeting update
      • UIL Contest for WMS Bands – Wind Ensemble won Superior rating and Symphonic Band won good and excellent ratings
      • Orchestra – Best Overall, Best in Class, Superior rating
      • Cheerleaders – Won 1st place trophy
      • TAME – students winners placed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 5th (See Wildcat Herald for more details)
      • Two students qualified of 19 finalists “Do the Write Thing?”
      • Suggestion made for these competitions to be added to the Wildcat Herald next year for parents to know in advance about these competitions
      • Suggestions to add visual loop presentations using video to promote more student participation
      • TAKS season, 8th grade has completed Math and Reading testing
      • Week of Apr 26-30 more TAKS for all grades
      • Next year WMS will have 3 counselors (this year had only 2)
      • Enrollment projection is 901 for 2010-11
      • Last week of grading period. Next week begins last 6 week grading cycle of this year
      • May 3 Teacher Appreciation Week – Ron Gonzales to do a luncheon (date to be decided)
        • Teacher appreciate school supplies
        • Food, snacks (popcorn), sodas, chocolate (Staff ~100)
      • End of School Year Dances
        • May 14th 6-7 grade 4-6 PM
        • May 14th 8th grade 7-9 PM Special decorations, pictures, nicer dress
          • Summer Beach Theme, Beach balls, Skate boards, poll for favorite songs, Video
          • Glamorize it for the 8th graders
        • No graduation or culmination event for 8th grade

III. New business

  • Teacher appreciation schedule:
    • Last week of school – Suggestion for Parent Day June1-3
      • Tuesday, end of the year awards
      • Ron Gonzales to get teacher feedback
      • Munoz and Pena to coordinate
    • TAKS days – 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30 – ideas?
    • Teacher appreciation Week ? May 3rd
  • T-shirt update – Kelli Saldana – Not present
  • Website/Social Media ? Catherine Cook
    • WMS PTO is on Facebook – become a fan
    • Google Agenda – Link on website for agenda and calendar
    • Wiki page link for Ms Munoz
    • Wildcat Herald Link
    • Thank you note received for donation to Parmer Lane
    • Post survey for dance ideas from kids
  • Officers/positions for the 2010/2011 school year –
    • Nominating committee solicits nominations by deadline of May 5th
      • Lisa Rankine, nominated for president
      • Catherine Cook, will continue as web master
      • Need Treasurer – Diane to check with Sheri Tripp
      • Need Secretary
      • T-shirt coordinator
      • School Store Coordinator
      • TAKS Snacks Coordinator
      • Teacher Appreciation Coordinator

IV. Additional business
V. Adjourned at 7:40 PM
VI. Next meeting date: Wednesday, May 12, 6:30

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Westview PTO Minutes – March 3, 2010

I. Welcome @ 7:00 PM

  • Officers Present
    • Diane Harvey Anderson,
    • Lisa Rankine,
    • Arlie Pfeifer,,
    • Catherine Cook
  • Administrators present
    • Ron Gonzales
    • Rosa Munoz
  • Others Present
    • Mary Hale,
    • Ms M Gupta

II. Officer’s Report

  • Secretary minutes by Arlie Pfeifer read and approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report by Diane Harvey Anderson on behalf of Hua Gray.

III. Administrator report – Ronald Gonzales

  • Successful 7th grade TAKS testing today.
  • Administrators are building the master schedule for next school year, 2010-11.
  • It is Budget time for next year. Waiting for PISD directives but know there will be more spending cuts. Staffing resources are secure – no job cuts.
  • Teacher commendations:
    • Teacher of the Year is Ms Zeornes.
    • Humanitarian of the Year is Mrs. Michulka.
  • February dance was a success. Eighth grade dance is upcoming.
  • Thanks to Ms Munoz for the Chinese New Year celebration this year.
  • Black History Month celebration successful. A doctoral professor from Texas A&M spoke to each grade level about diversity.
  • Previous 6 week grading cycle report cards sent out last week. Next week is mid cycle progress reports for this grading cycle.
  • April is TAKS testing month.
  • Thanks to all who have supported the WMS family who recently lost their home.

IV. New Business

  • CATCH Family Night – Lisa Rankine
    • CATCH = Coordinated Approach to Child Health.
    • CATCH Family Night will be held, Wednesday, March 10, 6-7:30 PM in WMS cafeteria and gym.
    • Many booths, e.g. Subway, Smoothies, WEB, Apple tasting,
    • Gym activities and games,
    • Prizes such as an IPod will be awarded.
  • Teacher Appreciation – Diane H. Anderson
    • 4/16 – Requests will be for breakfast food item donations.
    • 6/3 – to be determined. This is the next to the last day of school for the students.
    • TAKS Days – 4/6, 4/7, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30.
      • Lisa R to bring healthy snacks for 4/6 & 4/7
      • Good items to suggest are individual-size bottled water, bottled tea, packaged snacks, fruit, etc.
    • Thanks to Michelle Johnson for the great job with 2/19 Teacher Appreciation.
  • Website – Catherine Cook
    • High peak in visits to website directly after 2/18 tragedy.
    • Site continues to be updated with events, PTO activities & reports, CATCH Family Night, Sean Redeker’s presentation of “Video Game Addiction: Fact or Fiction?”, and Presidential Award for Best Teacher.
    • The Presidential Award is a $10,000 prize and a visit to the White House.
  • Box Tops update – Mary Hale
    • September collection amount was $266.66.
    • February collection amount was $58.90.
    • A check for the total amount ($325.56) expected in April.
  • T-Shirt Report – by Diane H Anderson on behalf of Kelli Saldana.
    • T-Shirts have been sorted and are stored in the lockers.
    • CATCH Family Night selling opportunity to be managed by Catherine Cook.
  • Volunteers still needed for:
    • Spirit Item sales at sport events,
    • Weekly School Store,
    • Teacher Appreciation.

V. Additional Business

  • Time to consider PTO officers for 2010-11 school year.
  • All positions on the board open except Catherine Cook will continue as Webmaster.
  • Recruit new members.
    • Increase Elementary schools’ awareness of WMS.
    • Contribute to Silent Auction opportunities at NW Elem (Lisa R), River Oaks Elem (Jesse Ibanez), Copperfield (Lisa R).
    • Catherine C to send emails to the list servs for encouraging future 6th grade parent involvement with PTO.
    • Suggestion for next year to have Grade Parent Representatives and Teacher Representative group to sponsor events. Create more competitive spirit, greater feedback and increased involvement.

VI. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
VII. Next Meeting
Wed., April 14 @ 6:30 in WMS Library (following the CAAC meeting)

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Westview PTO Minutes – Feb 3, 2010

I. Welcome @ 6:30 PM

  • Officers Present
    • Diane Harvey Anderson
    • Lisa Rankin
    • Arlie Pfeifer
    • Catherine Cook
  • Administrators present
    • Ron Gonzales
    • Rosa Munoz
    • Alyssa Blanchett

II. Officer’s Report

  • Secretary minutes by Arlie Pfeifer read and approved
  • Treasurer’s Report by Diane Harvey
    • $1428.71 in bank
    • Petty Cash
      • Spirit items: $21
      • School Store $86.04
      • Cash box $11.00
    • New forms designed for recording expenses

III. Administrator report

  • Additional technology has been provided by PISD
    • 5 new computers for GAME Intervention Classes
    • 5 New computers for CARE Intervention Classes
    • Computer Lab on wheels (15 computers & more) for Special Education Classes
  • Funding received for a Mariachi Group
    • Terry Caso, teacher for 40 students
    • Instruments to be provided
    • Wed and Thurs rehearsal days
    • They performed at the TAKS night, 2-2-10
  • Students have completed TAKS release tests
  • AVID – 3rd year for program for students in the middle academically
    • Support provided during the school day
    • Additional funding through Susan Dell Foundation for teachers
  • Sixth grade night had a great response from incoming students

IV. PTO Business

  • Dance Feb 5, 4-6 PM – Lisa to coordinate
    • Posters are up
    • Sell pizza, drinks, candy, flowers
    • Decorations, balloons that flash, etc
    • Another email to be sent for sodas and water
    • Set up begins at 3PM – AVID kids to help with set up
    • Volunteers 4-5 people signed up
  • Teacher Appreciation for Feb 19
    • Michelle Johnson
      • Needs candy and granola bars donations by the Feb 17th
      • Puppy Chow recipe to be sent by Alyssa to Michelle
      • Staff count is ~100
    • Teacher Appreciations for Apr 16 and Jun 3 to be determined next meeting
    • TAKS Teacher support
      • First of TAKS testing days is March 3rd
      • Donations needed such as fruit, pre-packaged snacks, etc
    • Spirit Items – Esme Tapia has resigned
      • Need volunteer to direct
      • Soccer, Track and Golf seasons upcoming
    • School Store
      • More people needed to help sell on Friday at lunchtime
      • Pride Time begins 2-19
    • Website
      • Updated after each PTO meeting
      • Event page to list donations and volunteers
      • Link to Box Tops website, e.g. lottery to win money for the school
        • Turn in Box Tops by Feb 19
        • Other fundraising opportunities with Office Depot, Target, etc
      • Teacher Nomination for best teacher
        • Catherine to research whether middle schools qualify
    • CATCH – Lisa March 10 6-7:30 at WMS
      • Vendors with information
      • Games, apple-tasting testing
      • Bake Off with recipes
      • Email with specifics to be sent
      • Need Volunteers
    • T-Shirt Report
      • Pam Boerst relocated and resigned
      • Kelli Saldana to be T-shirt coordinator
      • Many t-shirt sizes left to sell

V. Other Business

  • Potential Speaker, Sean Redecker, counselor
    • Possible topics
      • Gaming addiction: Fact or Fiction?
      • One Pill Too Many: A Parent’s Guide to Helping their Children stay Clean and Sober
    • Discussion involved types of incentives for attendance, refreshments to serve at event
  • Cougar Graduation Celebration Lockdown
    • Donate $100 in budget for this year
    • Motion passed

VI. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM
VII. Next Meeting Wed., March 3 @ 6:30 in WMS Library

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Westview PTO Minutes – Jan 6, 2010

I. Meeting Called to order @ 6:30 PM

  • Officers Present
    • Diane Harvey Anderson, Mary Hale, Lisa Rankin, Hua Gray, Arlie Pfeifer, Catherine Cook, Esme Tapia
  • No administrators present

II. Officer’s Report

  • Secretary minutes by Arlie Pfeifer read and approved
  • Treasurer’s Report by Hua Gray
    • $1431.71 in bank
    • Petty Cash – $21 for Spirit items, School Store $21.24, Cash box $11.00
    • Play Concessions by Mary, Lisa, Arlie & Catherine – $89.25 made in sales
  • T-shirts have been distributed

III. PTO Business

  • Discussion of year thus far
  • Mary Hale presented her resignation
  • Budget needs reconciliation of expenses with deposits
    • Cash box, Spirit Item cash bag, school cash bag – All hold petty cash (see amounts above)
    • Mary, Catherine, Hua, Lisa & Diane to coordinate by email and standardize a budget system
  • PTO presence acknowledged and appreciated at dances, plays, sports events, teacher appreciation
  • Spirit Items/Sports Events – Esme
    • Sales started out well but weather affected sales
    • Megaphones were $2.05. Sale price reduction suggested.
    • Need replacement for Esme. She must attend to family concerns
  • Box tops – Mary
    • Check shows as sent but not received. Mary will follow up.
    • Next Collection Date is in Feb 2010
  • Website – Catherine
    • Updates ongoing
  • School Store – Diane
    • No news. Closed beginning mid Dec due to no people to sell

IV. Upcoming Events

  • Feb Teacher appreciation – Diane will contact Michelle Johnson
  • Dance Feb 5, 4-6 PM – Lisa to coordinate
  • CATCH – Lisa
    • Meeting tomorrow. She will report more next PTO meeting

V. Other Business

  • Thank you from teachers for the brunch at beginning of November
  • Cougar Celebration Lock Down at end of year – PTO asked to contribute – Decision to be considered.

VI. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM
VII. Next Meeting Wed., Feb 3, 6:30 following CAAC Meeting

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Westview PTO Minutes – Nov 4, 2009

I. Meeting Called to Order @ 6:35 PM

  • Officers Present
    • Diane Harvey Anderson, Mary Hale, Lisa Rankin, Arlie Pfeifer, Catherine Cook, Pam Boerst, Esme Tapia
  • Administrators Present
    • Ron Gonzales

II. Officers’ Report

  • Secretary’s Minutes – Read and approved.   Note:  Book Fair has changed to Dec 2
  • Treasurer’s Report – at end of Sept Balance:  $1739.54
  • T-shirts order @ 45.
    • Rocksports vendor
    • Decision approved to double the order of purple T-shirts and order requested the number of grays
  • Administrator’s Report
    •  Basketball begins
      • Mondays, Boys begin Dec 7th
      • Thursday, Girls begin Dec 10th
    • Teachers appreciate the breakfast
    • Second grading cycle ends Friday, Nov 6
    • Intervention plans with students who are failing in process
    • Pride Time on Friday, 2 successful weeks, 50 minutes at end of day on Fridays.  Phase II begins this Friday
    • Taking Care of Business – a program with 70 students nominated from each grade – Free time to have fun
    • Intramurals beginning – 10 students
    • Homework Club for kids who have missing homework
    • First Drama Play  “The Little Prince”
      • Showtime
        • Friday, Nov 13 @ 7-9 PM
        • Saturday, Nov 14 @ 7-9 PM
        • Sunday, Nov 15 @ 5-7 PM
      • Volunteers and concessions needed

III. Upcoming Events

  • End of Grading Cycle Teacher Appreciation events
    • 11/6 Brunch – Diane Harvey Anderson
    • 12/18 Ideas and coordinator needed
    • 2/19  Valentine type ideas – Michelle Johnson will coordinate
    • 4/16 Ideas and coordinator needed
    • 6/3 Ideas and coordinator needed
  • Book Fair, Wed., Dec 2   5:30-7:30
    • Parent Volunteers needed for selling, judging, prizes, supervising
  • Catch Program – Lisa Rankin
    • “Coordinated Approach to Child Health”
    • Staff received overview today of the program
      • Students receive part of the curriculum in PE and outside of class
  • Box Tops – Mary Hale
    • $266.66 collected
  • Spirit Items – Esme Tapia
    • Sales slow
    • Ideas discussed how to sell more
    • Need volunteers to help sell
    • Will lower the price of the Megaphones to $3
  • Web site – Catherine Cook
  • School Store
    • Making ~$15-35 every Friday
    • Box Tops kids get credit at the store for Box tops
    • Volunteers needed every Friday

IV. Other Business

  • Parmer Lane Silent Auction
    • Donate Spirit items discussed

VI. Additional Business

  • Suggestion given to do banking online to reduce fees
  • Diane to check on this tomorrow with Compass
  • Next Meeting – Jan 6, 2010 @ 6:30 PM

VII. Meeting Adjourned @ 7:30 PM

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Westview PTO Minutes – Oct 7, 2009

I. Welcome and Introductions:
PTO President – Diane Harvey

II. Officers Report
Treasurer – Report was reviewed

III. Principal’s Report

  • First grading period completed – report cards due tomorrow
  • Students signed off that they received report card
  • First school dance was successful – highest attendance in a while- kids enjoyed it
  • PRIDE Time
    • Every Friday – There will be dedicated time for students doing all the right things and for those who need academic support
    • 45 minutes for students needing extra help from teachers with Science or Language Arts or SS
    • Those who don’t need intervention can enjoy time for enrichment clubs
    • 70 students will also be chosen who are “Taking Care of Business” and get to have time in the cafeteria for games, reading homework or socializing
    • School wide implementation by November 26th
    • Every middle school across the district is doing a similar program
  • Curriculum Based Assessments – will soon be started

IV. New Business

  • New Tee Shirts – Forms will be going out on Friday with October 16th deadline
  • New spirit Items – Selling pompoms and megaphones at football games
  • Dances/Concessions – Lots of new items and food choices for sale at the dance and a good profit made
  • Box Tops – HEB Coupons special to get additional box tops – hope to make 200+
  • Website – Business listed that will give percentage back to Westview, Teachers wish list will be added
  • School Store – will continue to do PTO school store on Fridays
  • Student/Teacher Incentives – Mary Hale has solicited donations and working with Mr. Hale on additional needs

V. Additional Business

  • Book Fair – Family Night on December 10th – Suggestions – Spegetti dinner, Rally showcasing, band, choir, cheerleaders or any other groups
  • Teachers Incentives – Mr. Gonzales can no longer use school funds – PTO will set up breakfasts etc after each grading period for 100 staff and teachers.
  • Honor Society Induction – PTO will provide cake and punch

VI. Next Meeting
November 4th

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Westview PTO Minutes – September 2, 2009



I. Meeting Called to Order @ 6:08.

  • Officers Present
    • Diane Harvey Anderson, Mary Hale, Arlie Pfeifer, Lisa Rankine
    • Catherine Cook (website coordinator), Pam Boerst (T-shirt coordinator)
  • Administrators present
    • Ron Gonzales, Principle
    • Rosa Munoz and Jamie Ochoa, teacher representatives

II. Officer’s Reports

  • Secretary’s Minutes read by Arlie Pfeifer
    • Correction made regarding Carolyn Drews as Treasurer instead of Co-President. She has since resigned. Hua Gray is interim Treasurer
    • Minutes amended and approved
  • Treasurer’s Report by Mary Hale
    • PTO Fund balance = $1659.90
      • $659.90 spendable (must have $1000 in account at all times)
    • T-shirts sold at Ice Cream Social
      • We have 27 T-shirts and 35 Hoodies left with previous years’ designs
    • Cash donations are an option unless prohibited by the PTO Bylaws, per Mr. Gonzales
    • Budget Proposal reviewed and approved
    • Fundraising opportunities –three school dances concessions, Theater Arts Play concessions, school store, football game sales, Box tops, etc.
  • Administrator Report by Ron Gonzales
    • 852 students enrolled, expect an increase after Labor Day Holiday. Capacity ~890.
    • “Capturing Kids Hearts” new program for teachers
      • Ms Munoz and Ms Ochoa spoke. Awed by the effectiveness of the new approach.
        • It’s about building relationships, supporting children inside and outside the classroom
        • It will transform the culture of the school
        • Teachers engage with each child, have social contracts, It’s about empowering, respecting and caring
        • Kids are excited and have positive attitudes
    • Twenty-First Century Intervention grant received
      • Grant effective 9-8-09
      • It is for students who meet one or more of thirteen criteria for being at risk of failure
      • Program has an enrichment component, too
      • Sixty kids have already been identified at WMS
      • Tony Minter is Site Coordinator
    • All Day Leadership retreat for each grade to be held on three separate days in September
      • 8th grade – Thurs., September 10th
      • 7th grade – Fri., September 11th
      • 6th grade – Fri., September 25th
    • Thanks to the PTO for supplying pizza for the 6th graders Transition Camp in August. 206 students participated
    • Mr. Gonzales expressed he is always available as a support and a resource. He is also open to ideas and suggestions

III. Upcoming Events

  • Open House, September 10, 6 PM. PTO will have a display with PTO volunteer sign up forms
  • Back to School Dance is Sept 25, 4-6 PM
    • PTO to provide concessions of snacks, glow sticks and other items
    • Parent donations for sodas and water to be requested
  • Two more dances
    • Feb 5, 2010
    • May 14, 2010
  • Football games begin September 15th
    • Esme Tapia to coordinate football game sales
    • Orders to be placed for megaphones and pom poms to sell in addition to T-shirts

IV. Other Business

  • T-shirt Design presented by Pam Boerst
    • RockSports, vendor
    • Decision approved to have short sleeved, purple T-shirts with WMS Wildcat design on front
    • Unknown amount of time needed to order but will attempt to have some by football season
    • Other suggestions:
      • Paw print small decal design for long sleeve gray T-shirt for winter sales
      • Consider Design contest in the Spring for next year’s design
      • Have twice a year T-shirt sales
  • School Store to continue on Fridays 10:30-12N and 12N-1:30
    • Need 2-3 volunteers to operate store
    • Speak with Diane Harvey Anderson to volunteer
  • Box Tops (Mary Hale)
    • Target matched our contribution last year so doubled the amount earned
    • Box top collection to be ongoing throughout the year
    • HEB has a special this month for extra box tops
      • Purchase 10 items with box tops (General Mills products) in September HEB will give 70 bonus box tops
    • Students may turn in the box tops at the school store for prizes
    • or Students may turn in to 1st period teacher if they do not care about a prize
  • Student/teacher incentives
    • Gift certificates for teachers
    • Student incentives
      • Mr. Brendan Hale wants to select 2 students/week for each week of school
      • Free buffet cards, zipper pulls/charms for backpacks, other give away items

IV. Additional Business

  • PTO Website – Catherine Cook designed
    • Site address wmspto.wordpress.com
    • Other site possibilities to be researched
    • Ideas for website
      • Functional
      • Multipage with links
      • List Volunteer opportunities
      • T-shirt order form
      • PTO calendar of events
      • PTO meeting minutes
      • Blog

VI. Agenda Items for next meeting

  • How to increase PTO membership and parent involvement
  • Discuss other items for fundraising, e.g. car decals

VII. Next Meeting

  • Oct 7, 2009 @ 6:30 PM, WMS Library

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

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